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Training Programme for Food Handlers

Who is Food Handler?

A food handler is anyone who works in a food business and who handles either food or surfaces that are likely to come into contact with food (e.g. cutlery, plates). A food handler may be involved in food preparation, production, cooking, service, packing, display or storage.

Why Training is required?

Primary reasons of Food Contamination are

  • Lack of knowledge of Personal Hygiene/Health in Food Safety
  • Lack of knowledge of importance of cleanliness in Food Safety
  • Careless attitude of kitchen staff towards Food Handling

AFAWTL train the Food Handlers to create awareness of Food Safety.

The training programme for food handlers, enable them to follow better hygiene practices.

The topics covered as part training are

As a Food Handler,

  • What is Food Safety
  • What are my responsibilities
  • What are my health requirements
  • What are my Hygiene requirements
  • Am I required to use gloves
  • How do I wash hands effectively
  • What are my employer’s responsibilities